The JeetBuzz Affiliate Programme is a partnership programme that enables people to receive a commission for each player that joins JeetBuzz as a result of their referrals.

Have you ever wanted to partner up with a site and earn cash for bringing new people into the fold? Maybe it’s because you think you’ll know someone who will enjoy it. Maybe it is because you enjoy it yourself and want to spread the love with others you know. Whatever the case may be, JeetBuzz allows you to do just that by becoming an affiliate and making way for more users.

Extra commission 1.5% commission
Max weekly commission 35%
Net profit Not counted
Setup fee No
Payments Every Wednesday
Customer Service 24/7

If any customer wishes to join in on the affiliate action, they will have to fill out the registration form, and within a few days, an affiliate support agent will get in touch with them to let them know whether or not they have been accepted into the programme. The barebones version is provided below:

  1. Users may refer to other affiliates. Referring someone to become a sub-affiliate is simple. There is a specific link available in the My Account section which needs to be shared.
  2. Affiliates will not be permitted to use that account to place wagers. It is not permissible for the affiliate to have more than one affiliate account, nor is it acceptable to earn commissions on their own or through any companies affiliated with them.

Additional Programmes for Affiliates

There are a couple of programmes that are ongoing right this second! Learn what they are in this section:

  • Extra 1.5% Commission: Invite your friends right now, and make sure they stay active so you can earn commissions from their activity.
  • Up to 35% Weekly Commission: Participate in the offer right away, and the casino will reward you without deducting it from your net earnings!

You will need to bring new members into the fold. Depending on how many you bring, you will earn a commission. However, it is safe to say that the more people you bring in to join the ranks of JeetBuzz, the bigger your commission will be. You can keep five active players: an active player is one who has a turnover of 3,000 BDT or more.

Calculating how much you will earn is easy. You will be paid a portion of the total amount of net profit that your referral generates. If each of your five active players brings in a significant amount of profit, you will receive 1.5% of the total amount of net earnings made by all of the active players combined. As can be seen, this is what makes it so lucrative in the first place.

Is There a Difference Between Affiliate and Referral Programmes?

A commercial enterprise can be represented by affiliates. Affiliates are industry specialists whose primary responsibility is to bring in new customers to online casinos. They accomplish this using various social media channels in addition to their own websites. Affiliates receive compensation when new users sign up under their links; in a nutshell, this constitutes a business opportunity for them.

Referral programmes are designed more for players who are just playing for fun. By getting your friends to sign up for the casino, you will earn a casino referral bonus that is on the lower end of the scale.

What Are the Odds of Success?

Several factors affect the likelihood of making money as part of a casino’s affiliate programme. Selecting a good programme to take part in and having pragmatic goals are just a few ways to improve your odds of success. Casino affiliate programmes have a better chance of succeeding if the intended audience is defined with precision and engaging content is developed.