Privacy Policy

Casino JeetBuzz recognises, acknowledges, and cherishes individual rights and pledges to take all precautions necessary to protect them.

It might not be clear to new users at first glance exactly what is being collected and why, but the site is legally required to explain every last facet of its systems. Its representatives will explain all your options and rights to you to the best of their abilities.

Should any user wish to look at what the policy is, they can do so at their leisure. A detailed version is available on the website.

Privacy Policy FAQ Answer
Can JeetBuzz record calls? Yes, necessary for security
Are there any cookies? Yes, with permission
Is there a security verification? Yes, at random times, for security purposes

If you do not agree with the conditions of this Privacy Policy, you are asked to refrain from using the website in any further transactions. When you register an account there, place bets, or transfer funds, it will be assumed that you have accepted the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

Now, regardless of whether you actually read them or not, the site has to go ahead with this assumption in order to function properly. Your membership to the site can be terminated at any time; however, the casino may be required by law to keep some information about every user on file, even after members close their accounts. This is to ensure fraudsters or scammers do not repeat taking advantage of the casino in the future. If you think your account was closed unjustly, you can reach out to customer service to get a better idea on why this has happened. It could have been a mistake.

User Rights

Now that we have that out of the way let’s talk about what kind of rights the players will have while playing at JeetBuzz. As much as it’s important to get a sense of the conditions under which you can enjoy the games and betting at JeetBuzz, it is equally important for you to know your rights.

  1. Right for Correction: You have the right to have any inaccuracies in the personal data maintained on you corrected. If you need to change something about your account that isn’t editable in “My Account,” send an email to support.
  2. Demand a Copy of Your Information: The user can fill out a form if they want a copy of the personal information the site keeps about them, and they can request this by email or live chat. Filling out the form is optional but will speed up the process of getting the necessary answers.
  3. Right to Deletion: If there is no compelling reason for the site to hold on to a certain set of data, any user can ask to request its deletion. This privilege is not universal but applies only to specific scenarios.

The casino will request official identification from you to preserve your privacy and will get back to you within a month of receiving it. The staff will let you know as soon as feasible and give you an estimate of the time it will take to process your request. If it is more involved than is typically the case, it could take longer than a month to complete.

No Right to Delete an Account

If processing is required for the following reasons, the right to erasure does not apply:

  • To exercise the right to freedom of expression and information;
  • To comply with the demands of the law;
  • To perform a task carried out in the public interest or in the exercise of official authority.

And that is a truncated version of the privacy policy! Every player ought to skim the policy before joining, ideally, or get clarification from the help team at a later date to understand what rights they have. These points are highly important for players looking to have a good time on the site.