Responsible Gambling

JeetBuzz is among the most successful bookmakers in Bangladesh. It provides its customers with a diverse selection of sporting events on which they can place bets, along with a multitude of other services and games.

Bets may be placed quickly and with no effort, thanks to Jeetbuzz’s uncomplicated and intuitive user interface. Additionally, the platform provides its consumers with mobile applications, which makes the overall betting procedure even more accessible and convenient.

Dependability and safety are some of the primary benefits offered by this platform. Jeetbuzz employs cutting-edge technology to keep all of the info provided by users and their transactions safe. JeetBuzz also holds all of the appropriate licences and certificates, which ensures that its business practices are conducted in accordance with the law and with complete integrity.

Moreover, since the very beginning, JeetBuzz has been giving the concept of responsible gambling the utmost attention and is doing everything in its power to help out consumers in need of assistance.

Check the table with the tools that JeetBuzz has to ensure responsible gambling on the site.

Self-Exclusion Available (duration: from six months to five years)
Minor protection Available
Self-testing Available
Secondary account creation Unavailable

What does responsible gambling mean? Well, it refers to a set of actions performed by a gambling operator to reduce the chance of unfavourable results occurring as a result of the business. They take precautions to ensure that gamers who are already experiencing this phenomenon do not participate in the activity at any point in the future. Additionally, you can find links to useful sources that help fight against this form of addiction.

Responsible Gambling Best Practices

Responsible gambling needs to begin with you, and there are many things you can do to nip problem gaming in the bud. Here are some casino tips to consider before placing a bet to make sure gambling remains a positive experience for you:

  1. Create a spending cap for your deposits;
  2. Think about how much of your available funds should be risked on gambling before you get started;
  3. Avoid taking unnecessary chances in an attempt to regain what you have lost;
  4. Do not exceed the time restriction you set for yourself;
  5. Don’t try to win back your losses;
  6. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, down, or stressed out, it’s not a good idea to play;
  7. Rest frequently.

If you’re not sure whether you’re prone to addiction, you can take a self-test. The link to it can be found on the casino’s webpage, dedicated to responsible gambling.

Understanding Self-Exclusion

Players affected by pathologic gambling, or those who are trying to reduce gambling for other reasons, would benefit from avoiding such activities altogether. The term “Self-Exclusion” refers to the voluntary decision to cut off any contact with gambling operators. After some time passes, this ban will take effect permanently.

Self-exclusion is a feature that allows gamers to restrict their access to the JeetBuzz website. Please keep in mind that the self-exclusion period continues for the allotted time and cannot be undone. Any attempt to create a new account while self-excluded will be deemed a violation of the terms of service and may result in the permanent banning of the player’s original account. Representatives of the site monitor this very carefully and promote the activity only for entertainment purposes.